Olive Oil

Protected Designation of Origin Estepa

The Protected Designation of Origin Estepa certifies and ensures the exceptional quality of our local extra-virgin olive oil. Our olive oil was the first product in the whole province of Seville to receive the Protected Designation of Origin. Along with Estepa, other towns such as Aguadulce, Badolatosa, Casariche, El Rubio, Gilena, Herrera, La Roda de Andalucía, Lora de Estepa, Marinaleda, Pedrera and the left part of Puente Genil also produce this top-quality olive oil. These towns have always had a shared historic, economic, and social evolution due to their proximity to one another.

It is essential that both the manufacturing and bottling of the product take place in the same area, as these factors too will determine the quality of the olive oil. An essential aspect about Estepa and its surroundings that affects the outcome of the product is the quality of the Terra Rossa soil, which is very typical in the Mediterranean region, as well as the reddish limestone that lies beneath. The soil around this area is also known for the mixture between its sand-like and lumpy texture with the white limestone areas. The combination of the different kinds of soil makes the perfect environment for the olive trees to blossom in.